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Frequently Asked Questions

What does consignment mean?
Consignment means Once Again will display and professionally market your items for sale to our ever growing customer base. Your items that sell on consignment will earn you half of the sale price and you donít have to do anything but bring in your best items in ready to sell condition. We become partners in selling.

What is the difference between consignment and buyout?
Items on consignment will remain on the selling floor for 60 days and you will receive half of what they sell for. On a buyout, you sell your items directly to Once Again and donít have to wait for them to sell to get paid. You generally make more per item on consignment, but there are no guarantees that everything will sell or that items will sell at their original price, since we do markdowns to sell even more of your items.

What should I look for when preparing my items to bring in to Once Again/What is 'ready to sell' condition?
All items should be items that are within the current accepted season and should be clean, wrinkle free, and on hangers. Take a moment to check the buttons and zippers and consider steaming or ironing items to get the best price.

Will you consign everything I bring in? / What sells best?
Once Again shoppers are savvy shoppers who only want the very best in brand names and very current styles, so we will return to you any items that our customers are not currently buying. If you bought it new within the 2 years, it is probably something we can find a buyer for.

Can I pick up items that didnít sell?
You are welcome to pick up unsold items during the final two weeks of the consignment period; call us the day before you plan to stop in and we will gather your items and have them ready and waiting for you to pass onto your friends or your favorite charity. Items that are not picked up during the final two weeks of the consignment period are clearanced out with the proceeds going to our charity accounts or donated directly to local clothing closets and charities and thrift stores.

What charities do you donate to?
Once Again donates to several local charities, in two ways. All unsold items are picked up by Apostolic Bible Church and are sorted according to the needs of the local clothing pantries or individuals. The clothing pantries we support locally include Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Refuge for Battered Adults, and many individuals referred to us through different government agencies and ministries. Thrift stores we support locally include the Assurance Home Thrift Store, the Humane Society Thrift Store, Eastern New Mexico Medical Center Auxiliary Thrift Store, Assistance League Thrift Store and the Lions Den Thrift Store.
What items are you currently accepting?
See the breakdown of what our customers are looking for and when they are looking, on the the seasonal policies page.

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